Oral Health Bible


Why is the site named “Oral Health Bible”?

Because small changes can produce big results!!  

The use of an extraordinary paste and mouthwash to effectively cleanse and deodorize the mouth, combined with the World Class Liquid Biocell Life  collagen supplement (an exceedingly anti-inflammatory collagen antioxidant supplement) is going to produce other obvious results that can be seen in the mirror and felt in the body , especially the joints-and so dramatic that word will spread very quickly once a threshold group of users are “out there” being walking talking billboards for what’s possible.  So once this combination of products gets “out there”, the lightening is not going back into the bottle!

The Modere toothpaste and mouthwash are EWG Verified. What does that mean?

EWG Verified is THE GOLD STANDARD for personal care and beauty products.  In terms of safety, products are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the best, and 10 being the worst.  Modere toothpaste and mouthwash are the ONLY toothpaste and mouthwash available that are EWG Verified.

Modere toothpaste and mouthwash do not have the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance on them. Why is that?

Modere toothpaste and mouthwash do not carry the ADA seal of acceptance.  These two products also don’t have any warnings on them because they are safe to use.  (See Above).

The toothpaste and mouthwash do not have fluoride in them. Why not?

As with all the hundreds of Modere products, toxic ingredients are not included in any of their formulations.  The toothpaste and mouth rinse already have ingredients that can kill the cavity organism, that can destroy the biofilms the organism lives in, that can bring the pH of the oral environment to neutral (no acid = no dissolve tooth structure), and can facilitate remineralization when used properly and often enough (and a sensible diet, adequate hydration etc.).

Immaculate mouths are generally healthier mouths, and your dentist or hygienist may still recommend fluoride.  Its use is part of dentistry’s DNA.  

How long does a tube of Modere toothpaste last?

For a single user brushing twice a day, and using a small drop as recommended (pearl sized), a tube of paste can last two months or more.

How long does a bottle of Modere mouthwash last?

Using a capful of mouthwash twice a day will use up the bottle in about three weeks.  This could be less in some instances because the mouthwash may also be used in an oral irrigator.  Three to four bottles of mouthwash may be used for every tube of toothpaste used and larger sizes of mouthwash may become available in the future (ie. 1/2 gallon or gallon).

How often should I scrape my tongue?

For optimal reduction of odorous bacteria and maximum oral cleanliness, I recommend tongue scraping every time after tooth brushing, followed by vigorous rinsing with Modere mouthwash for about 45 seconds.

Does Modere toothpaste whiten teeth?

Most users will experience whitening, oftentimes dramatically so. Those who do not experience whitening will almost certainly experience brightening. Click Here to see before and after examples on this site– but better yet see for yourself by using the system.

My gums bleed when I brush my teeth, will Modere toothpaste help?

The short answer is “Yes,” but because bleeding gums indicate your immune system is being compromised, more than using Modere toothpaste is indicated.  

I strongly recommend seeing a dentist for an evaluation and treatment recommendation because bleeding gums is a sign of infection,  and infection anywhere in or on the body needs to be treated.

Modere mouthwash claims to not sting or burn when I use it. Isn’t it supposed to in order to work?

No, because Modere mouthwash is formulated to cleanse and deodorize the mouth without using potentially harmful ingredients such as alcohol or other strong irritants.

Can Modere toothpaste and mouthwash be used by everyone?

Almost everyone will be able to use these products and experience their benefits, but individuals with known sensitivities or allergies to any of their ingredients should avoid using them.  

What kind of toothbrush is best?

Any SOFT toothbrush with rounded bristle tips is satisfactory.  Power brushes are OK as well if preferred or necessary due to manual dexterity issues.  The toothpaste itself is doing the “work” and the purpose of the brush is to deliver the paste gently to every accessible surface of the teeth.

Medium and Hard toothbrushes should NEVER be used on easily damaged gum tissue or easily abraded tooth roots.  Hard and medium brushes should only be used on small motor parts and boots, NEVER on teeth!!!

Why is Liquid Biocell Life recommended for mouth health maintenance or healing?

Evidence based studies show every ingredient in Liquid Biocell Life has known oral health (and systemic health)Benefits. 

Is it advisable for diabetics to use Liquid Biocell Life?

Liquid Biocell Pure is available to support healing in diabetics as it will not directly effect blood sugar levels. Please consult a qualified health professional for their recommendations should there be any question about the suitability of your use of any product.

Diabetics should NOT use this product before consulting with their physician due to its carbohydrate (3g) and natural sugar content (2g of the 3g total carbs).

How much Liquid Biocell Life should be taken for optimal results?

This product is meant to be taken at a dosage of one tablespoon (tbsp) twice a day unless otherwise directed by your healthcare professional.  

How long should I take Liquid Biocell Life to see if it is helping my gum problems?

It’s advisable to take Liquid Biocell Life twice a day for three months because, after all, the chronic inflammation caused by periodontal disease has probably been active for many years. After three months its likely that most users will have noticed significant improvements not just in how their mouth feels, but in how they look and feel overall. 

Patients who have been treated for periodontal disease are typically seen every three, to at most four, months between visits for periodontal maintenance.  The help of a supportive dentist and hygienist in helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health is crucial, but no less important than what you to everyday to keep your mouth fresh, clean and disease free.  

While Liquid Biocell Life has ingredients that can be exceedingly helpful in healing, there are other Modere products that can be helpful as well.  

What is CoQ10 and why should I consider taking it?

That is an excellent question and a partial answer would be that virtually every cell in the body requires it to produce energy, that most people are deficient in CoQ10 and that if someone has periodontal disease, they are most certainly in need of CoQ10 supplementation.  I can’t possibly overemphasize the importance of having adequate CoQ10 everyday as an adjunct to gum health, and heart health.

A healthy person might get by on 100-200mg a day while someone with active periodontal disease might be better off taking more. People taking statins to reduce cholesterol my also have been advised by their physician to take CoQ10 because statins reduce cholesterol AND CoQ10.  

Do yourself a favor and buy a book, The CoEnzyme Q10 Phenomenon, by Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.  There’s an entire chapter on periodontal disease in this book written by a cardiologist*, and its important to note that if someone has periodontal disease they will most certainly be deficient in CoQ10.  CoQ10 deficiency has a serious effect on heart health as well so supplementing with CoQ10 for better mouth health may also have some positive effects on heart health.

*CoQ10 is absolutely crucial for every cell to function, but especially tissues with a very high turnover rates (like mouth, throat, stomach, and intestinal lining) and the heart.  I am still puzzled why most dentists and cardiologists are not more familiar with, and supportive of this crucial nutrient (and its companion L-carnitine).

Please consult your health care provider for advice if you have any concerns about taking CoQ10. 

Why should I take a probiotic?

The short answer is we must have a healthy gastro-intestinal system to be healthy, and our immune systems competence is largely determined by the healthof the gut.  Because the health of the gut depends upon having a healthful balance of “good” bacteria, constantly replenishing ones G.I. system with probiotics on a daily basis may provide some surprisingly beneficial effects.

The long answer is we know the mouth is home to about 20 billion bacteria, viruses, spores and yeasts, and this amount is doubled about every five hours.  Many billions of these microorganisms are swallowed everyday and unfortunately we do not have to look far to find people with mild to severe G.I. issues.

Taking probiotics on a daily basis may be a good preventive measure for many, but for those experiencing more serious digestive upsets, consultation with a qualified medical provider is highly recommended.

Why should I consider taking the Adult Multivitamin since I eat a “healthy” diet?  

I hear this fairly often especially among fitness buffs. A reality check is the foods of today may have only a small percentage of the nutritional value of the same food grown on the same plot of land when compared to samples of food (spinach) grown in the early 1950’s. If I recall correctly, it takes 36 bowls of current spinach to equal one bowl of 1950’s spinach and if I can find that study, I’ll post it here.  Regardless, the Standard American Diet isn’t referred to as “SAD” for nothing! Americans are eating calorie dense but nutritionally deficient diets, and obesity and earlier onset of many diseases is the result.  People just need better nutrition than they’re getting, and better food choices and an effective multivitamin would likely be helpful.

Its not news to realize that most people are almost universally deficient in vitamin D.  If I see gingivitis or gum disease, its also certain they’re deficient in vitamin C and bioflavonoids and the B vitamins.   A totally smooth red inflamed tongue is an indication of at least vitamin B12 deficiency, and it all points to a huge challenge for the immune system because the tissues are inflamed, possibly even infected.  

A comprehensive and absorbable multivitamin taken often enough may provide significant benefits with results seen rather quickly.  One side note is I see quite a few patients who tell me they are taking certain vitamins which, unknown to them, do not dissolve.  Obviously there’s no possible nutritional benefit if these highly advertised products don’t dissolve.  

The challenge is these patients feel they’re taking something good for themselves, while professionals that know better derogatorily call these indigestible pellets  “bedpan bullets”. It’s sad, but advertising works to sell these product, while the consumer receives little, if any, benefit.  

If a patient of mine is taking a product which I know hasn’t worked for anyone in sixty years, I still complement them for trying to do better but then point out that the infection or inflammation I’m seeing indicates that they need more help than what they’re getting.  That approach opens the door to, usually, significant improvement in their condition assisted by their taking products that actually deliver what’s on the label.  

Why should I take an antioxidant supplement?

 The current theory of disease is that “free radicals” damage our tissues when these unstable chemicals grab an electron from, let’s say our retina, instead of an electron from an “antioxidant” we have circulating in our system ready to take that bullet for us.

Another term for free radicals is reactive oxygen species, or ROS.  What it boils down to is our bodies are producing ROS all the time as a part of living and the ROS are going to are going to satisfy their need for an electron no matter what.  ROS don’t care where they get their electron.  Some antioxidants are more effective electron donors than others, and a sensible approach in taking preventive health measures is to include comprehensive antioxidant support as a part of our daily diets.  Let ROS become happy from attacking vitamin C or perhaps ginko, rather than  our eye, kidney or any other living tissue!

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