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I had had some knee discomfort that made walking difficult, and this was early in the Covid shutdown, so I was home with time and a desire to exercise, but I couldn’t with the degree of discomfort I was having. However, in four days of taking Liquid BioCell Life twice a day, my discomfort subsided and has never returned. Of course I’ve Continued taking a tablespoon of the product twice a day and I’ve been walking and working out in total comfort ever since (early March, 2020).
- Michael Bonner
"This is my 10 year old nephew’s favorite mouth rinse! He doesn’t even have to be reminded to use it!"
- Suzanne Goff
"LOVE this toothpaste and the fact there is no fluoride or alcohol PLUS it’s the only toothpaste that has NEVER bothered my sensitive teeth"
- Anonymous
"I am in LOVE with this toothpaste. I’ve been using a “good” toothpaste for years now.... but this one FAR surpasses what I was using. Good job Modere!"
- Valerie Taylor
"I started using BioCell out of speculation when I wasn’t seeing any improvements in physical therapy for my torn meniscus. After a month of Biocell I am stronger than ever!"
- Emily Tann
“So buzzing with this! This is my hubby Chris results using our TRIM and BIOCELL.
“I champion these products so much and you can see why. These results are personal to both Chris and I. Chris for years has been affected by hair loss to a point where he got a £6,000 transplant that wasn’t successful. He was even saving for another transplant. Now there is no need!
“Being introduced to these products excited us because of other people’s results and the fantastic science behind them. He was giving them a go with the hope that he would see some changes.
“As you can see from these pictures that are 3 weeks apart this liquid collagen he is consuming is bloody working! His hair growth is unreal!”
- Michelle C.
“I’ve started using BFF on June 22nd. Went on holidays for 10 days and was not consistent in applying everyday, since being home I’m back to two times a day. I wish I would have taken a picture of the front of my legs as I was catching glimpses of my legs in the mirror and saying to myself ‘Are my legs starting to look better?’
“Then did these pictures today of the back of my legs …..Absolutely love my results.
“*I also use Biocell, Logiq, Trim & burn”
- Krista Mireau
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