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Problems in Oral Care:

It’s really no wonder or mystery as to why so many people have gum disease and bad breath when studies show that someone may have as many as 500-650 types of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, spores, viruses and yeasts) in the mouth at any given time. Now, these “bugs’ are busy reproducing, living, dying, producing toxins and odors in the mouth, and there’s an estimated 20 BILLION of them! What’s evenworse is they DOUBLE about every five hours!

Realistically, that amount of bacteria in the mouth should be enough to make someone sick, and in fact unless their immune system is exceedingly competent, it usually does with at least easily diagnosed periodontal disease (see signs and symptoms of periodontal disease below). In fact, if we’re just considering the effects on and in the mouth, these “bugs” can cause tooth decay, erosion, root sensitivity, infections such as candida, gingivitis, early to advanced periodontal disease (bone loss), viral ulcerations, and bad breath.

If we consider that the mouth and the rest of the body share a common circulatory system, if the tissues in the mouth are diseased and not acting as the barrier they are meant to be, then infectious “bugs” in the mouth are free to circulate throughout the entire body, and do. That’s bad because currently there are over eight hundred studies showing that chronic mouth infection has an association with increased risk of many systemic diseases such as heart attack and stroke, increased risk of diabetes, many types of cancers and even Alzheimer’s disease. The common factor in all this is inflammation, and inflammation is currently considered to be the cause of most, if not all, diseases.

Additionally, for people with more compromised immune systems, many are breathing into their lungs untold numbers of microorganisms where it’s dark and warm and moist, and getting what’s called “aspiration pneumonia”. Pneumonia is a serious infection in anyone, but especially so in the immunocompromised. All of this is dismal news I know. The good news is there are some products and procedures one can use that will almost certainly work to help themselves to a cleaner, fresher mouth, and if they do this long enough, we hope a healthier mouth AND body.


  • bad tasting/smelling breath

  • sensitive teeth

  • gums that bleed at all when brushed, flossed or otherwise agitated

  • dark red, swollen, sensitive gums

  • apparent space between the teeth and the gums

  • loose adult teeth

  • any change in the fit of partial dentures



I hope you read the list of benefits from using Liquid BioCell Life because who wouldn’t want to look and feel younger? And while “gums” are mentioned twice, review of the oral/systemic studies of the benefits of the ingredients in Liquid Biocell Life tells me I need to get this “out there” to people seeking relief because this powerful product along with these use of the products and devices described earlier may create thousands of stories worth telling! I’ve told thousands of patients over the years that when it comes to their health, “Either the bear is biting you, or you’re biting the bear!” and since they’re oftentimes suffering from periodontal disease or infected, dead teeth, we already know the. bear is having a feast. The only question is how big is the bear. Targeted nutritional supplementation is meant to help the patient start “biting the bear”.

Liquid Biocell Life taken as recommended, one tablespoon in the morning and another tablespoon in the evening, for at least three months is my recommendation. Most users start noticing benefits in about seven to ten days at two tablespoons a day, but what they may notice is as individual as they are. So Liquid Biocell Life is an experiential product. If it works and works well for you, I’m pretty sure you’ll want to tell others, or, others may be asking you “what are you doing?!” Regardless, a full thirty five percent of new customers comes from referrals of existing customers, and ModereREWARDS customers for referrals with discounts on their next order. There is nothing to “watch out for” in Modere, but there is certainly a lot to share widely and enthusiastically with about 6 million customers in North America so far.

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